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At Whitetail, we provide excellent services. We service ALL brands and models and also specialize in custom builds

Our services

  • Derailleur Adjustment (Front or Rear) $15
  • Brake Adjustment $15
  • Brake Bleed (Front or Rear) $35
  • Brake Pad Replacement (Front or Rear) $10
  • Wrap Handlebars $25
  • Install Tire/Tube $15*
  • Install Shifter or Brake Cable (Front or Rear) $15*
  • Standard Wheel True $25
  • Major Wheel True* $35
  • Install Chain $15
  • Install/Remove Cassette $15
  • Bike Wash $50
  • Install/Glue Tubular $50*
  • Bike Build* $200*
  • Speedplay Pedal Service $10
  • Custom Paint* (Coming Soon) TBD

*Parts not included. Additional charges may apply.

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